So you want to attract more members to your yoga studio. No sweat. Use the yoga marketing strategies below as part of your yoga marketing plan.

One of the best ways to attract new members to yoga classes is to start doing digital marketing for the yoga studio.

There are so many great things about online marketing for yoga teacher and studios—as well as for meditation teachers and people in similar fields.

Here’s the deal:

Meditation and yoga are currently in demand and especially online. That means that if you can nail the online marketing for the yoga studio, as well as your SEO and copywriting, you can achieve amazing things in the online space.

As a meditation teacher and the guy behind THE DAILY MEDITATION, I’ve been doing online marketing for yoga teachers and meditation teachers for years.

I know the yoga marketing strategies that work.

I know the yoga marketing strategies that fail.

. I’ve learned the hard way how to do online marketing for meditation teachers and yoga teachers, and I’m about to share my top tips with you.

Now listen:

Obviously, I can’t share everything in one blog post, there’s just so much I’ve learned over the years.

That’s why I’m going to give you just a selection of my yoga marketing strategies in this post. And I am very happy to work with meditation teachers and yoga teachers on their online marketing. Contact me today (or right now) and let’s discuss your project in-depth in a consultation.

Lots of yoga teachers have been using my guide to WordPress for yoga / meditation teachers .

Now let’s get into my guide for digital online marketing for yoga teachers and meditation teachers.

Make these yoga marketing strategies part of your yoga marketing plan and you will attract new members to the yoga studio, so your yoga business grows online and so you can start giving yoga classes to  more people.

Here’s the best yoga marketing strategies for your yoga marketing plan 

1. Always remember the main aim of your yoga marketing plan 

Online marketing is a bit like Pandora’s box.

There are so many yoga marketing strategies, you can easily get lost.

You go into it knowing that you just want to market meditation classes or yoga classes so you can get new yoga students at the yoga studio. But before long you find yourself awash in an ocean of social media networks, search engines, blogs and everything else the internet has to offer.

Before you go into online marketing as a yoga teacher, make sure you set your aims and stick to them.

Here’s what to do:

Open a new Word document and at the top of the file write “Goal:” then write the one thing you want to achieve online. Yes, one thing.

For instance:

  • Get 20 new yoga students a month to sign-up for a yoga class / meditation class
  • Get 100 people a month to sign-up for my newsletter
  • Increase website traffic by 20% month on month

As a meditation teacher or yoga teacher, online marketing should focus on getting new yoga students / meditation students in the door. That’s why I recommend you write the objective of Getting 20 people a month to sign up for a yoga lesson / meditation lesson.

By setting your aim now you will help yourself to focus on what really matters for your online marketing as a yoga teacher / meditation teacher. Then, when we get into social media marketing, SEO, Adwords and all that other stuff, you’re less likely to get lost in it all, and more able to balance and focus like you do in Warrior III, you know?

So, write at the top of your file or the top of a piece of paper, “Aim: Get [X number of] new yoga students to sign-up for lessons each month”.

2: Most important yoga marketing strategy: create your yoga studio’s brand personality and buyer personas

One of the most important parts of doing online marketing for yoga teachers / meditation teacher and similar professions is to nail-down your brand personality and your buyer personas.

This is the key to actually getting new yoga students in the door and growing your yoga business.

Brand personality and buyer personas are fundamental parts of all the other yoga marketing strategies you will use.

Brand personality is the human characteristics of your brand.

For instance, if you want your yoga studio to be a friendly place for beginners, you will want to communicate that as your brand personality every time you do online marketing for the yoga studio.

Buyer persona is the characteristics, demographics and psychographics of your customers. If, for instance, your yoga studio caters to women over 50 with average incomes of $100k +, you will want to know that information before you start marketing the yoga studio.

The more accurately you can create your brand personality and your buyer personas, the more effectively you will market the yoga studio online, the quicker you will grow your yoga business online and the faster you will get new yoga patients in the door.

So, on your Word document, write a description of your brand personality and your buyer personas.

3.  Use intelligent blog posts as one of your main yoga marketing strategies in your yoga marketing plan

Obviously part of your yoga marketing plan is creating a website.

For a successful yoga website, you are going to need to need at least a few blog posts. This is true even if your only aim with your yoga-teacher website is to sell yoga lessons online.

Here’s why you will need good yoga blog posts no matter what:

  • Blog posts bring free traffic to your site (and that traffic converts into new yoga students in the door)
  • Blog posts get shared, helping you grow with social media marketing for yoga teachers
  • You will pay less for your yoga studio Adwords ads if you have high-quality content (landing pages contribute to your Ad Quality Score, which effects the price you pay per click)
  • Blog posts are one of the best ways to earn quality backlinks, which improves your Google ranking for the yoga website
  • Your online customers will value you more highly if you provide them with high quality content on the yoga website

That said, you shouldn’t just write any old fluff. Truth is, most yoga blog post topics have already been covered online. If you want to get noticed at all you will need to produce unique and original articles around an interesting idea.

My guide to writing great blog posts will help you to get started.

Always remember, the keys to writing a successful blog post for a yoga website are:

  • Be unique and original
  • Write well, edit and revise blog posts
  • Make sure you target a keyword (a core idea expressed in a few words—words your customers might enter into Google)
  • Create content on the yoga website that is genuinely useful to your customers
  • Make all the blog posts on the yoga website market the yoga studio

For instance, one article I personally wrote about yoga was on the subject of Pratyahara Yoga. This was an excellent choice because there are not many blog posts online about this area of yoga, so I was able to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

4. Budget your yoga marketing plan to allow you to use Adwords for the yoga studio

If your yoga studio is in a busy area where there are lots of competing yoga teachers, it’s going to be harder to get new students in the door of the yoga studio.

One solution is to use Google’s advertising platform, Adwords.

With Adwords , yoga teachers can advertise on Google’s search pages, other websites that show Google’s ads, on apps, and on Youtube. You can precisely target the people you wish to advertise to, narrowing your audience by location, age, gender, even interest groups.

The keys to successfully using Adwords for yoga teachers are:

  • Create high-quality advertisements for the yoga studio
  • Choose the right keywords for your yoga Adwords ads (the search terms that will trigger your ad to show)
  • Bid competitively but within your budget
  • Use targeting option to only show your yoga studios Adwords ads to people nearby, for instance people withing ten miles or so of your yoga studio (this will vary depending on whether you’re in a city, town or rural region)
  • Target only those people who are within your primary demographic (so if most of your customers are women 30-40 who live within 5 miles of your yoga studio, advertise to just those people)

I am happy to help you create your yoga studio’s Adwords ads in an effective way, so that you maximise reach while minimizing expenditure. Contact me about this.

5. A key part of your yoga marketing plan will be social media marketing. But make sure you choose the right platforms for social media marketing for the yoga studio

When advertising a yoga studio on social media, most Yoga teachers do not have the time or use all the different social media networks. And besides, doing so would be ineffective as some social media networks are far more valuable to the yoga teacher than others.

Best practice for advertising a yoga studio on social media networks is to choose just a couple of networks to focus on. Through personal experience and study, I’ve found Facebook to be the best social media network for yoga teachers, with Instagram and Pinterest good choices also.

There are many excellent options in Instagram and Facebook advertisments for yoga teachers. With this options you can quickly establish a following and start to attract new students to the yoga studio.

There’s also value in Pinterest for yoga teachers, too. The main value of Pinterest is that it can generate traffic for the yoga website. Simply take some high-quality photos for marketing, embed then in your blog posts and share them on Pinterest. I’ve been very successful generating traffic for meditation websites this way

There’s also value in advertising on Youtube for yoga studios. If you’re happy to do yoga on camera, you can definitely reach a wide audience on Youtube—although they will be a worldwide audience and not necessarily people close enough to your yoga studio to want to book a lesson. Take a look at my guide to growing a Youtube channel for more on this.

6. SEO For Yoga Teachers And Meditation Teachers

It’s essential to use SEO for yoga teachers and meditation teachers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the art of creating and marketing content in such a way that it ranks highly on Google.

This is an advantage and technical field (I’m happy to help you out here. Contact me today).

Here are some ways to start using SEO for yoga teachers and meditation teachers:

  • Write your homepage around the keyword [Yoga Teacher In + Your Area Or City] OR [meditation teacher in [your area / city]
  • Mention nearby landmarks and city regions in your homepage and blog post. This will help your local SEO.
  • Acquire backlinks from other blog sand businesses near your yoga studio (this will improve local SEO)
  • Make sure your site loads quickly

These are some of basics for using SEO for yoga teachers and meditation teachers.

As mentioned, SEO is a technical aspect that requires expertise. When working with yoga teachers as an SEO expert, I give both consultations and site-audits to make sure my clients’ yoga websites are SEO optimised.

And those are the best yoga marketing strategies for your yoga marketing plan to attract members to your yoga studio

In this guide we’ve looked at the most important aspects of digital marketing for yoga teachers. You will also want to use email marketing. I didn’t include it in this list because I have created a separate guide to email marketing campaigns.

These tips will help bring new yoga students in the door of your yoga studio and to grow your yoga business online.

If you would like professional help to optimise your online marketing, your SEO or your social media marketing, contact me today.


Paul Harrison is a marketing copywriter in the Toronto / Hamilton area, ready to deliver all your copywriting and marketing needs. Visit the front page for details.