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In this guide to SEO for yoga studios I’ll show you how to market your yoga studio on Google and how to get your yoga website to rank highly in Google search.

You know you want your yoga studio to rank highly in Google so you can use the internet for lead generation and to bring people into your yoga studio, right?

SEO should be a big part of your yoga marketing plan / strategies.

You’re probably aware that Google is the biggest online search engine, so ranking your yoga studio in Google should be a top priority.

But how do you do it?

Well, you use this guide. Simple.

In this guide I will how you how to do SEO for yoga studios and yoga teachers, so you can bring people to your yoga website and get them to, you know, actually come to your yoga studio for real.

You might also like to read my guide to the basics of SEO before we start.

And I’m going to assume you have a blog already. If not, my guide to optimising WordPress for yoga will help.

How To Use SEO For Yoga Studio Marketing

Online marketing strategies are the best way to market a yoga studio in 2018. And SEO is arguably the best of all online marketing techniques. So naturally you want to use SEO marketing for your yoga studio.

The aim of your yoga studio SEO is to rank highly on Google.

However, you don’t just want to rank highly in Google. You want to rank highly in Google for specific keywords and for specific people.

To be specific, you want to rank highly in Google for “Yoga studio”. Or (more realistically) you want to rank highly in Google for “Yoga studio in Hamilton [or the city that you are in if you’re not near me]”.

So right off the bat, we know you want to target your yoga studio SEO around the keyword ‘yoga studio in [your city]’.

And if you’re doing SEO for yoga teachers, then you can base your SEO on “Yoga teachers [in your area].


You also want to target your Yoga studio / yoga teacher SEO topeople who want to start learning yoga.

This might seem elementary, but trust me, you will want to keep this information in mind.

Always remember that the entire point in your yoga studio SEO is to target people who are interested in learning yoga.

This is important because it reveals many marketing opportunities for yoga studios.

For instance, people are interested in starting to learn yoga won’t search for “Vinyasa” or other technical term because they are beginners.

The best marketing opportunities for SEO for a yoga studio are around broad terms related to your business. For example, you could create content around ideas like “Easy workout routines for beginners” or “places to exercise in [your city]”.

So, your entire strategy with your yoga studio SEO is:

  • Target keywords pertaining to yoga, and particularly in your region.
  • And target produce content about learning yoga.


Now time to create content that’s search engine optimised for yoga studios

We now know that we want to create content around the theme of yoga, with a focus on your area.

So the next step is to write that content for the yoga website.

To do this successfully you will want to follow the rules of good writing, and then edit your blog posts.

However, simply having good writing it not enough.

We now have to do on-page SEO for that yoga content.

This is about injecting the keyword into the right places in your content. I won’t cover how this is done in this guide. The SEO guide I linked to in the beginning of this article covers this subject in depth.

Simply put: having produced on content we now perform the on-page SEO that gets it ranked higher in Google.

Local SEO For Yoga Studios

When you’re marketing a yoga studio with SEO, you want to focus on bringing people to your yoga site who actually live nearby.

To bring local people to your yoga studio, we need to do local SEO for the yoga website.

Local SEO is the process through which we make Google rank our site highly for people searching from nearby locations

For instance, I’m an SEO expert in Hamilton. So naturally I am particularly interested in bringing people to this site who live in Hamilton. And to do that, we do local SEO.

Local SEO has three factors:

  1. Technical aspects like Schema (read my SEO guide via the link at the top)
  2. Including local keywords in the content by including a) your city name, b) names of local neighbourhoods, and c) local landmarks in your writing
  3. Getting links from other websites in the area


To succeed in local SEO for yoga studios, you need local links

We know we want to rank our yoga website in Google for local searches.

And the key to local SEO for yoga studios and yoga teacher is to get local links.

This is where the fun begins.

The very best way to market a yoga studio on Google is to do local SEO by earning high quality backlinks and particularly from local websites.

SEO experts like myself have many strategies for acquiring backlinks.

Some of the best ways to get local backlinks for a yoga site include:

  1. Putting on media-worthy events and telling local publications about it
  2. Sponsoring local events for backlinks
  3. Collaborating with local bloggers

And the best way to acquire high quality backlinks in general, for a yoga studio’s SEO, is to create very high-quality images of your yoga practice / classes and allow other sites to use them in exchange for a backlink.



Always remember the point of your yoga studio SEO


There’s one place a lot of teachers go wrong with the SEO for yoga studio.

The mistake is this: they forget the point.

While you’re earning backlinks, ranking in Google, and boosting traffic for the yoga website, always remember: the only point in all this is to actually get people to sign up for your yoga lessons.

I highly recommend installing Google Analytics on your site and using goal tracking to track your sales funnel so you know how people come to your site, which keywords lead to conversions, and, with all that data, you are able to improve your sales funnel so your yoga studio’s SEO actually brings people to your yoga studio.

And that’s the essentials of yoga studio SEO  for yoga teachers 

As an SEO expert and yoga lover, nothing makes me happier than helping yoga teachers to market their website and business online.

I would to hear about you and your yoga studio, and to help your yoga studio succeed online.

Contact me today.

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