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TITLE:  The Body Language Guide Book: Learn how to read and use body language for dating, business, and social life





Get the beginners guide to body language and change your romantic, social, and business life today.

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Science has proven that what you say means very little. It’s your body that talks for you.

We humans subconsciously express ourselves through movements and gestures, postures, facial expressions, touch, and other elements of nonverbal communication.

In this book, you will learn how to use body language to your advantage.

The Body Language Guide Book is a powerful tool will change your life.

This book will give you the skills you need to read people so you know what they are thinking and feeling. With The Body Language Guide Book you will improve your relationships, double your dating, take your career to the next level, and master job  interviews.

The Body Language Guide Book shows you everything you need to know about body language so you can read people

  • Know what people really mean
  • Know whether people are lying to you.

The skills you learn in this book will significantly improve your communication skills, your social interaction, and your relationships—whether business or personal.

Here’s a look at what you will learn in The Body Language Guide Book:

1. Who you really are, and what made you that way

2. Introduction to body language and kinesics

3. The Science of Body Language

4. Body Language in Pop Culture: Celebrity Body Language

5. Body Language in Sports

6. Body Language in Movies

7. Body Language in Games

8. Body Language on TV

9. The Rules of Body Language, and Why So Many People Get Them Wrong

10. From Weakness to Strength: Body Language and Kinesics Overview

11. Weak Body Language

12. Submissive Body Language

13. Towards Confidence

14. On Posture

15. Confident Speech

16. How To Be Elegant

17. Alpha Females

18. Alpha Males

19. Friendly Bod Language

20. Why Some Friendly People Are Hated

21. Anger and Aggression

22. Intimidating Body Language

23. Perfection

24. Good Body Language for Men

25. Attracting Women with Body Language

26. Good Body Language for Women

27. Attracting Men with Body Language

28. Master of People

29. Why Do People Think I’m Weird?

30. Why Do People Think I’m Gay?

31. Why Do People Think I’m Posh?

32. Why Do People Think I’m Stupid?

33. Why Do People Think I’m Annoying?

34. Why Do People Think I’m Depressed?

PART 2: The Encyclopedia of Body Language

35. Basic Body Language Gestures

36. The Body Language of Hands

37. The Body Language of Fingers

38. The Body Language of Arms

39. The Body Language of Feet

40. Walking Body Language

41. Smiling Body Language

42. Lip Body Language

43. Nose Body Language

44. The Body Language of Eyes

45. Eye Contact

46. Touch Body Language

47. Hair Body Language

48. Hug Body Language

49. Personal Space

50. About The Author