When it comes to hiring a professional editor for your writing, you need someone you can trust.

My clients tell me they feel so happy and reassured to know that I am editing their work, because time and again I deliver results.

If you want to breathe easy in the knowledge that your writing ha been edited perfectly, contact me, Paul M Harrison, today.


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When You Need Perfect Writing, You’ve Got To Contact Me, It’s That Simple

Many other editors ask why I give free consultations to all my clients.

It’s simple: It’s because I care.

Forget those faceless editorial services. With those guys, you won’t even know who is hiring your writing.

I do things different.

My name’s Paul, and I’m Hamilton’s professional editor. I’m the editor who actually wants to discuss your work with you, the editor you can speak to freely, so that I can deliver the absolute best editorial services available.

If you’re looking for a professional editor for your business or creative writing, and you want to hire someone you can trust, contact me today.


What You’ll Get When You Hire Me To Edit Your Writing

My editorial services are better than the rest.


Because unlike those other guys, I am happy to get to know my clients. I want to understand you, your business, and your project so that I can deliver editing that is perfect for your individual needs.

Whether you need technical editing, copy-editing, or something more substantive, contact me today.   am always happy to speak with my customers. And I would love to hear about you and your writing, so I can deliver the editorial services you need.

Here’s what you’ll get when you hire my editorial services today:

  • Professional editing from a writer in Hamilton Ontario
  • A local editor you can trust
  • A free revised second draft edit at your request, so you can rest assured the writing is perfect
  • Free, up-front quote


or call 289 689 3895