Whether you’re looking to hire a Hamilton copywriter, SEO or Digital Marketing Expert, I’m Here To Help

You’re a business leader or creative type in Hamilton, Ancaster or Burlington.

You’re looking to hire a Hamilton copywriter / editor,  SEO, or internet marketing expert.

You need the best. That’s why you’ve come to P.M.Harrison. That’s why we should chat today.

I’m a Hamilton copywriter and certified digital marketing expert. I’m qualified in Adwords, email marketing, and inbound marketing. I’ve got the skills you need to succeed with your business, your marketing, and your creative projects.

Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area hire my writing and marketing services everywhere from Hamilton to Burlington, Ancaster, Binbrook, Dundas and beyond because they trust me to deliver the best and on-time.

I can help your business too.

Whether you’re a dentist, real estate agent, lawyer or creative entrepreneur, whether you’re looking for a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, or digital marketing expert for your business, blog, book, novel, or that speech you have to deliver next week, contact me.

Or if you’re nearby, in Rosedale, Stoney Creek, Binbook, Westdale, Dundas, … let’s arrange a meeting in person.

Unlike those faceless other guys, I love meeting local business leaders, and I treat everyone I work with as a friend and most valued client.

Here are some of the ways I can help your business:

  • Marketing for dentists
  • Marketing for real estate
  • Blog editing
  • Blog writing
  • Marketing brochures
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Advertising Copy
  • Company slogans / taglines / naming
  • Business writing
  • Trade articles
  • Newsletters (external/internal)
  • High-profile proposals
  • Marketing consultation
  • Business letters
  • Internal communications
  • Press releases
  • Copywriting for the Web
  • Sales letters
  • E-mail writing

Are you or your business located in:

  • Hamlton
  • Ainslie Wood
  • Ancaster
  • Binbrook
  • Burlington
  • Dundas
  • Flamborough
  • Glanbrook
  • Lynden
  • Stoney Creek
  • Westdale
  • Mount Hope
  • Waterdown

If so, I’d love to chat with you about your project. Contact me today.





writing and editing hamilton ontario

Freelance Hamilton Copywriter, Editor & Proofreader For Hire

Looking to hire a professional editor, proofreader, or copywriter in Hamilton Ontario?

Whether you’re looking to communicate with other businesses or to communicate with your clients and customers, you’ll get the best copy to meet your needs.

Or maybe you’re a creative type.

Maybe you want to work with a writer or editor, and you want to stay true to your own voice.

Hey, I get that.

I’ve worked with creatives ranging from game developers to bloggers to spiritual gurus to help them communicate their own voice.

Here’s a selection of my services for freelance copywriting, proofreading, and editing services

*Learn more about the benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter.







Ancaster, Burlington & Hamilton SEO Services To Rank In Google

Looking for local SEO in Hamilton, Ancaster or Burlington?

As a leading search engine optimisation (SEO) expert in Hamilton, Ancaster and Burlington, clients rely on me to generate leads and improve their ranking in Google and other search engines.

By improving your business’ search visibility you’ll generate leads online and boost your overall marketing. Whether you’re a dentist, lawyer, bar or restaurant, health professional, or real estate agent, you’ll benefit from having your website professionally catered by the best Hamilton SEO expert.

Available services include:




Digital marketing expert

Freelance Digital Marketing In Hamilton, Burlington & Ancaster

As a certified digital marketing expert in Hamilton Ontario, businesses rely on me to generate traffic and leads online.

My digital marketing services comprise the full gamut of internet marketing services, ranging from social media marketing, to email marketing, to Google Adwords and other online advertising.

When you need your business to succeed online, it’s best practice to have a holistic, all-encompassing marketing strategy that takes full advantage of every aspect of internet marketing.

I am certified in email marketing  / SEO / inbound marketing / Google Analytics / Google Adwords / Content Marketing.

Whether you’re a dentist, real estate agent, lawyer, creative entrepreneur or heath service professional, your business will grow with my full gamut of online marketing services in Hamilton Ontario.

Available internet marketing services include:


About Paul Harrison

paul m harrison
Paul Harrison is a copywriter, editor, SEO and digital marketer in Hamilton, and also serving Burlington and Ancaster. A passionate word- slinger, Paul brings his creativity and enthusiasm to every project he is part of. His writing has been published in magazines around the world, and he has been read by more than 1 million people.

He is a highly qualified internet marketer. He’s Adwords certified for online advertising; Hubspot certified for Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing; and SEO certified.

As a copywriter, Paul has helped businesses to skyrocket their conversion rates, increase sign-ups, and boost their bottom-line. As a creative writer and editor, he has helped creative individuals to complete, polish, and market events, books, games and more.

Are you in Hamilton, Ancaster, or Burlington?

Get in touch with Paul today, and let’s produce the copy that will make your product and brand shine.