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Optimising above the fold content is important for both SEO and conversions.

By carefully selecting what content you place above the fold you can improve your SEO strategy and your conversion rate optimization.

The Above The Fold section of the website is the portion that is visible without scrolling. It’s the section of the website that visitors see first. And because of this it is the single most important part of your website landscape.

Optimising Above The Fold content for UX design is important because your site visitors need to immediately understand how to use your site. Otherwise they will bounce.

Optimising Above The Fold content for conversions is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate strategy.

And optimising Above The Fold content for SEO is one of the best ways to improve your SEO strategy.

Yes, Above the Fold is that important.

As an online marketing expert in Hamilton ON, I’ve spent years helping businesses improve their Above The Fold content for SEO, conversions, and UX design.

Let me share with you my top tips for optimising Above The Fold content

Optimising Above The Fold for SEO

Optimising above the fold for SEO is important for many reasons, some obvious, some less so.

Take a look at your GA scroll depth tacking and you’ll notice most people don’t scroll to the bottom.

So it’s vital to place important page elements high up.

Obviously your readers need to immediately know that the article they’re clicked through to from the SERPS (search engine results page) is relevant to their query. In other words: you need to immediately show visitors that your page will satisfy their needs. That’s why you should put your blog post title above the fold.

If your title is not above the fold your bounce rate increases exponentially. Put your title above the fold. And make sure you have written a good headline.

As well as the headline of the blog post, you should include a killer first paragraph in your above the fold content. This will get people reading before they have to scroll. And this is essential.  Readers will not scroll unless they are interested (though you can achieve the same thing with excellent branding and a killer website design).

Now the less obvious stuff.

Google assigns higher value to links high-up the page. That’s why the first few internal links in your article are so important.

WordPress, however, places all kinds of pointless Meta tags (and links) above the fold. Author links, date links, blah, blah, blah.

When it comes to optimising Above The Fold for SEO, you need to move those links. Besides, they usually do not get all that many clicks. Why allow those links to take up some of the most valuable real estate on your blog?

Move those Meta links out of your Above The Fold content and down below the article.

In the place of those links, put a link to a pillar post (one of the most important, content-rich articles on your site).

This will:

  • Reduce bounce rate (because visitors are more likely to click on your interesting pillar post headline than Meta links)
  • Increase dwell time (because people will read your pillar post, which is interesting and long)
  • Improve Above The Fold SEO because you’re linking to one single important page rather than your author page / date page blah, blah… all that pointless stuff WordPress creates.

As well as doing the above, you will of course want to include a homepage link and menu links.


Optimising Above The Fold For Conversions

As well as optimizing Above The Fold content for SEO, you will want to optimize Above The Fold for conversions, too.

Your Above The Fold content is incredibly important for conversions. So important, in fact, that some experts (Neil Patel, for instance), put one single line of text and a call-to-action in the Above The Fold content.

Whether or not you want to go to such extremes will depend on your niche and the nature of your site.

Best practice is to make sure your articles start in the Above The Fold content, while also including a Call-To-Action in the Above The Fold content.

With smart design you can accomplish both these things.

For instance, one option is to write your Above The Fold content in this fashion:

  1. Blog Post Title
  3. Beginning of Post

You will also want to include a sign-up form in the Above The Fold content of your sidebar.


Optimising Above The Fold For UX Design

To optimize Above The Fold content for UX design, make sure your users can immediately find what they are looking for.

Take a look at your site and ask yourself: If I’d never seen this site before, would it be immediately obvious where to look?

To make it easier for visitors to find important information, follow conventions.

  • Put your logo in the top left
  • Menu in the top right
  • CTA above or below the blog post title
  • Important navigation elements in your sidebar Above the Fold content (or links and thumbs for your most important pages)
  • Start the blog post content immediately after the title (or below the features image)
  • And don’t clutter it


The Best Way To Optimize Above The Fold Content

The very best way how to optimize Above The Fold content is to make it flow.

You know the elements you need:

  • Branding + Navigation
  • Blog post title
  • Call to action
  • Beginning of post

Make all this Above The Fold content flow together.

This is important because when people have too many options they don’t make a choice. You can read more about this in this great article by Mike Arsenault.

When you divide your visitors attention, you’re less likely to get them to make the choice you want to make.

But when you make it all seem like one choice, you start improving your conversion rate.

That’s why the best way to optimize above The Fold is to make it all flow.

Ask yourself: How can you make your Above The Fold content flow



And that’s how to optimize Above The Fold content For SEO, Conversions and UX Design

Your Above The Fold content is the most important real estate on your site.

Make sure it’s easy to use and shows your visitors what you want them to see.

As a professional digital marketing expert in Hamilton ON, I am happy to work with you to optimize your Above The Fold content. Contact me today.


Paul Harrison is a marketing copywriter in the Toronto / Hamilton area, ready to deliver all your copywriting and marketing needs. Visit the front page for details.