How To Get Perfect Copywriting For Dentists And Orthodontists

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Creating effective copywriting for dentists and orthodontists is a fun challenge.

“Huh?” you think. “Fun? I get the challenge but where is the fun in copywriting for dentists?”

The fun is that when you’re doing copywriting for dentists and orthodontists, you have the opportunity to change the way people perceive dentists.

A lot of people fear dentists. And most people wouldn’t rate a visit to the dentist as their favorite thing to do. But you can change that. And the way you can change that is by writing effective marketing materials for the dental business.

In my guide to the best dental marketing channels I revealed the best ways to market your dental practice.

Now let’s look at how to create effective copywriting for dentists.


 How to get the perfect copywriting for dentists and orthodontists

Everyone’s been loving my guide to writing effectively.

But writing for dentists is a unique challenge.

Now you know the best marketing channels for dentists, it’s time to consider actually getting your dental copywriting done.

Creating perfect copywriting for dentists is a matter of matching your copywriting to your brand. That’s why its best to get a consultation with a professional copywriter such as myself.

That said, let me share with you my top tips for creating compelling copywriting for dentists.




1. The best copywriting for dentists matches the brand persona

The absolute most important thing when it comes to copywriting for dentists is that your copy match your brand.

You want your marketing (including your logo, your website, your social media and your actual dental practice) to have one personality. That way people know who you are, what you do, and what to expect from you.

Because of this, when it comes to copywriting for dental practices and orthodontists, make sure that your copy reflects your brand person. And if you’re not sure what your brand persona is, contact me for a consultation.


2. The best copywriting for dentists makes people feel emotions

People won’t remember your dental deal. People won’t remember you name. And people won’t remember all those reasons why they have to go to the dentist.

Do you know what people will remember?


We humans remember the way we feel. Heck, I bet you can remember emotions from your childhood even if you can’t remember the exact events they belong to, right? Same with your audience.

Make me feel something, please.

But what should they feel? It depends on the specific dental service your marketing.

  • If this is a serious procedure that people are afraid of, make them feel reassured.
  • If this is just a routine check-up, make them feel confident to come in.
  • And if it’s for cosmetic dentistry, show ‘em how they’ll feel when they look stunning.

The right emotion is the opposite of the negative emotions they may have about the dentist. Scared people want to feel reassured. Nervous people want to feel confident. And your customers who just plum don’t care about their teeth? Make them see the beauty in their teeth. Make ‘em care.


3. The best copywriting for dentist is all about them

Sorry to break the bad news: but no one in the world gives a damn about your dental facts except your dentist friends.

You might think people come to the dentist because they need a root canal.  But you’re just plum wrong.

People come to the dentist because they want to feel good about taking care about themselves. They want to be that person who is super healthy.

People come to the dentist not because they want beautiful smiles but because they want someone else to see their beautiful smile and say, “Wowzers, you’re beautiful, let’s go out.” They want to be an attractive person.

People don’t come to the dentist to save money. Yes, they come now so they don’t have to pay more later. But they want to save money so that they can be the intelligent person who spend early and saed in the long run, and then spent those savings on a super cool vacation around the world.

Don’t give ‘em facts. Give ‘em a way to be more than they are right now.


4. The best copywriting for dentists plays devil’s advocate

What I’m about to say may surprise you. But a very smart move is to play devil’s advocate with your own dental services.

Here’s how:

  1. Write a list of all the reasons people won’t go to your practice (they’re scared, they can’t afford it, they don’t care about their teeth…)
  2. Now go through each entry and mark them out of 10 for importance (in other words: how many customers are you losing because of this one reason to not go to the dentist?)
  3. Take the biggest problem; the biggest reason people don’t come to your dentistry.
  4. Now write the best solution to that problem
  5. Present the solution in your copy

For instance, people won’t go to your business because they’re terrified you will find something wrong with their oral health and they will end up spending a ton of money getting it fixed.

Let’s say this issue is costing you a packet. It’s losing you potential customers in droves. So, it’s importance is 10 out of 10, compared to other problems which are not so bad.

Because this issue is so important to your business, you want to address it very clearly in your marketing campaign.

You now need a solution. For instance, you might have ways for people with serious oral health problems to get financing in order to have the work done. You want to say this upfront in your marketing campaign. So, you write in a large font “When we do find problems, we help our customers to find the financial support they need to restore their oral health.”

You’ve now addressed the problem upfront. Your prospects now trust you, and they are much less afraid than previously. And now they are happy to come in and see you.


5. The best marketing for dentists includes power words

It’s been scientifically proven that some words have an emotional impact on us [1]. Called “power words”, these are precisely the words you want in your copy.

Some popular copywriting power words include:

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • New

These are precisely the types of power words you want to sprinkle throughout your dental copy.

Some power-words are particularly important for the health niche too.

Try using these words for compelling copywriting for dentists:

  • Certified
  • No Risk
  • Researched
  • Safe
  • Guaranteed
  • Protect
  • Health
  • For instance, “Certified dentist check-ups guaranteed protect your oral health”


6. The best copywriting is SEO optimized content for your dental website

One of the real must-have marketing assets these days is SEO blog content.

When you create SEO blog content for dental websites, you get your website ranked in Google, where it will continue to generate traffic and leads for months if not years to come.

There’s a lot of value in SEO blog content for dentists. Not only does your dentist website attract leads and look professional, it can also help potential customer through the sales journey when it comes to selling more expensive products.

Another option is guest posts. For dentists, guest posts offer a way to put your business in front of thousands of potential customers by publishing articles on related websites that have a large audience.

There is also the option of creating a SEO optimized dentists Google My Business page. Here’s my tutorial on creating a Google Business listing.


Example of copywriting for dentists and orthodontists

Here’s an example of copywriting for dentists, which I created and designed recently. This is designed for an older audience and uses powerful emotions to make them feel good about going to the dentist.


Copywriting for dentist (1)

Get the perfect marketing and copywriting for dentists

With these tips you can create the perfect marketing and copywriting for dentists.

Of course, if you want the best, it’s a good idea to hire a professional.

As a professional marketer, writer and editor, dentists can trust my expertise to deliver the compelling marketing campaigns they need for success.

Contact me today.



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