You know there is value in Google Adwords for dentists.

Google’s advertising platform can massively help you to attract new patients to a dental office. And you can use Google’s Adwords for dental website traffic to generate leads online.

The good news is: yes, with Google Adwords, dentists can attract new patients to a dental office. 

The bad news is: It can be painfully expensive to use Google Adwords for dentists.

No sweat: As a certified Google Adwords expert in Hamilton Ontario, I’m here to help dentists with Google Adwords while saving you money.

In this guide I’ll share the best ways to use  Google Adwords for dentists and how to attract new patients to a dental office.

But obviously I cannot share everything in one blog post, so if you want to get the absolute best from Google Adwords for dentists, contact me via the menu on this site.

Why use Google Adwords for dentists?

Many dentists have read my guide to using Facebook ads for dentists. And there is definite value in that option.

There are also a lot of benefits in Google Adwords for dentists.

Here’s what you can do as a dentist on Google Adwords:

·         Advertise a dental practice online

·         You can show ads on Google search, on blogs and websites, on Youtube and on apps

·         You can target potential patients by age, gender, income, and distance from the dentists office

·         Attract new patients to a dental office

·         You can target people who have previously visited your dental website

·         Basically, you can reach a massive audience, and you can also be incredibly specific in your targeting so you save money.

My main job as a certified Google Adwords expert is to helps dentists use Adwords to attract new patients to the dental office.

I do this by creating highly targeted campaigns. This means your ads reach the right people so you gain new patients but you also save money because you are not showing ads to people who are unlikely to convert.

Let me show you how I go about using Google Adwords for dentists (while keeping some of my “special sauce” for my own clients—I hope you become one).


How To Use Google Adwords For Dentists To Attract New patients To A Dental Office

You don’t need me to tell you that ultimately you want to use Adwords to make money.

That’s why the keys to using Adwords for dentists are to:

a)       Reach people who are likely to become patients at the dental office

b)      Save money by preventing ads from being shown to people who are unlike to convert.

Let me show you how you can save money on Adwords while still profiting from Google’s advertising platform.

*I’m going to assume you’ve already written an ad. If not, read my guide to effective dental copywriting and use those tips to create your dental ads for Google’s advertising platform.

1) Choosing The Best Keywords For Dental Adwords Campaigns

Adwords works by showing your ad based on the keywords you enter in Adwords.

Visit Adwords

Set-up your account as instructed

1.       Visit Campaign > Ad Groups

2.       Press the blue PLUS (+) button

3.       Enter a name for your Ad group

4.       Now Enter a default bid of around $5

5.       Now enter your keywords

I recommend the following Adwords keywords for dentists:

·         Dentist

·         Local Dentist

·         Orthodontist

·         Tooth Pain

·         Root Canal

·         Dental

·         Dental Checkup

·         Jaw Pain

·         Bleeding Gums

·         Sensitive Teeth

·         Toth Sensitivity

·         [Your city] dentist

·         [Your neighbourhood] Dentist

Also create keywords for any particular services you offer, especially specialist services that most dental offices do not offer.

 adwords for dentists negstive keywords

  Then continue to create your ad. I created a simple ad as an example.

adwords for dentists


2. How To Save Money Using Google Adwords For Dentists

 The best way to  save money on your dental marketing plan is to use Adwords’ negative keywords tool.

Adwords changes you for clicks regardless of whether those clicks actually convert or not (unless you choose the Cost Per Action option).

Therefore, it’s vital to reduce irrelevant keyword terms.

The negative keywords tool on Adwords helps dentists to save money on advertising by reducing irrelevant terms.

Visit Ad Group > keywords > Negative Keywords

Select “Add negative keywords or create ne list”

 Add the following negative keyword terms:

Job(s)—people often search for keywords followed by “job” for the obvious reason that they’re seeking employment. Great, but you don’t want to pay to show them ads. Save money on dental advertising by putting “jobs” as a negative keyword term

Career—Basically the same as the above


Free—unless you’re offering a free checkup, be wary of this term

Meme—People search for “Memes” on everything, including dentists, and you do not want to pay for these searches

Quote—You might think the term Quote is important because some people want to know what they’ll pay (the “quote”) for various services. But most searches for quote are actually searching for quote-phrases (as in, “to be or not to be…” that kind of quote). Definite negative keyword for dentists

Online—Many people search for online versions of offline counterparts. Is online dentistry relevant to your dental practice’s marketing campaign? If not make it a negative keyword term.

Degree / PhD and other educational terms

 adwords for dentists negstive keywords


3. Use Adwords To Attract New Patients To The Dental Office From Nearby

One of the most important parts of using Google Adwords for dentists is to focis on local, so you attract new patients to your dental office from nearby.

You will want to market the dental practice locally by only showing your dental advertisement to people within a few miles of your dental practice.

This will vary depending on the type of dental practice and the locality. Dental practices in rural areas where there is less competition will have a wider reach. Dentists marketing speciality services that are few and far between will also have a wider reach.

  1. Visit “Locations”
  2. Choose “Targeted”
  3. Press the blue pencil button
  4. Choose your campaign
  5. Choose “Radius”
  6. Enter the postcode of your dental practice
  7. Specify a distance (I recommend using your current marketing data to determine how near most of dental patients are to your dental office and using this as the radius)

You have now made your dental advertisement targeted to your local area. This is a great way to bring new local patients to your dental office while saving money on dental marketing by not advertising to people too far away.


 dental adwords radius

4. To bring new patients to the dental office while saving money on your dental marketing, use Google Adwords’ demographic tool

One of the best options on Google Adwords for dentists is the demographic tool.

Adwords demographics option is a great way to attract new patients to the dental office while saving money on marketing.

You can use Adword’s demographic option to target your dental advertisement to people in your primary demographic.

This will vary by dental offices as different dentists target different demographics. I recommend using your current marketing data to find your primary demographic, and tailoring your ad to it.

For instance, if you specialise in cosmetic dentistry, marketing efforts should focus on people with an income of over $100k


5. Other options in Google Adwords for dentists

In order to determine other Adwords dental strategies, an Adwords expert like myself will take into account your marketing data.

For instance, if most people call your dentist office before coming in, you can set-up call-only ads.

Likewise, if most people call your dental office in the morning, you can increase the CPC of your dental advertisements in the morning and reduce it at other times.

This is where we get into company-specific ways to attract new patients to a dental office.

I will not make recommendations on this now because it varies by dental office. Contact me for hep with this so you can save money while maximising reach.



And that’s how to use Adwords for dentists to attract new patients to a dental office

As a certified Adwords expert, I’ve done my best to create this guide to show the basics on using Adwords for dentists.

Naturally, I cannot cover everything here. I am always happy to help dentists with Adwords so you can bring new patients to your dental office.

Contact me today and let’s start bringing in new patients to your dental office while saving you money.


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