Direct Mail Sample: Postcard / Newsletter for Sun Family Mortgage. 

This newsletter uses short and catchy copy with colourful, fun visuals to create a compelling piece. 

Headline: It’s finally time for your payoff!

[Body]: You truly are a little genius, aren’t you? You knew what was going to happen all along. You knew that interest rates would plummet to unprecedented levels. You waited for the payoff. You could have set your chips down a year ago, when rates sat around 1.5% higher than they are now.  Those rates were temptingly tasty. your friends couldn’t resist them. “Won’t get any sweeter than this,” they said, gobbling those rates up. But you reclined, put your feet up, and waited with baited breath. You knew things would only get sweeter. And lo and behold, who’s laughing now?

You played the game. You won. And now it’s time for the payoff. Go on. Revel in it. But while you’re reveling, call Sun Family Mortgage at 613-555-0196. We’ll make your victory even sweeter.

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