My story begins as most stories do: on page one. For me it was Page 1 of The Wind And The Willows. Aged 5, I fell in love with Kenneth Grahame’s book. And thus my love of writing was born.

Throughout my teens I continued to write everything from poetry to short stories, screenplays, essays, marketing materials for imaginary films… you name it. If it involves words, at one time or another, I wrote it.

Flash forward to today and my love for writing remains unchanged, my passion for words as hot as ever. Only now, with 30 years of writing experience, I’ve mastered the art and business of writing, and I’m ready to deliver those skills to companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

Over the years I’ve written copy for a readership of over a million. I’ve been published in everything from video game magazines to newsletters, website landing pages, social media pages…

My experience has made me a masterful writer able to conceptualise, create and deliver copy for a whole wealth of needs. 

In 2007 I began to deliver compelling content to a range of businesses and for a multitude of reasons. I interviewed everyone from political figures to professional athletes. I crafted stories, novels, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, web copy, podcasts, video ads… And thanks to the glowing testimonials I’ve received, I now know my years of writing experience have paid off, not just for me, but for my clients.


And that brings us up to today, the day when you and I first met.

You’ve read about my writing for others. But what about my writing for you? What can I offer you?

Well. You already know how to write, perhaps quite well. Everyone knows how to write to a degree. But few are those who know how to write to produce results. And I have mastered that art.

No matter what you’re selling, or what your business need is, as a marketing writer I will deliver gripping, engaging, and persuasive copy. Whether it’s an article for your publication, a direct mail advertisement, or online content, I’ll deliver the quality copy you need to make your product or brand sizzle.


Let’s talks. I’ll make your product and brand sizzle till your sales ignite.