10 Invaluable Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

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The late advertising executive Shirley Polykoff said, “Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.”

Copy is the way we communicate a brand or product. When that copy communicates in an effective and compelling way, it gets consumers chomping at the bit, eager to purchase your product, to sign-up for your newsletter, to convert from perspective buyers into loyal customers.


With great copy, you can:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase sign-ups
  • Heighten your conversion rate
  • Control the appearance and personality of your brand or product
  • Tell your brand story
  • Read your book
  • Complete your call-to-action

Simply put: Great copy enables you to control the way people react to you and your business.


Here are 10 ways a professional copywriter will strengthen your business.

  1. A freelance copywriter will improve your advertising:

Good copy equals good advertising. That’s true whether you’re writing a direct mail campaign, a book blurb, or display advertising such as the ads shown by Google’s Adsense platform.

When you’re spending money on advertising, it only makes sense to invest some of that budget into professional copywriting.

A great copywriter will boost your return on your advertising, meaning you get more out of your budget.

If you already have ads but are not achieving a good conversion rate or click-through-rate, it’s time to bring a freelance copywriter onboard.


  1. A freelance copywriter will produce business communications that work

Whether you’re sending a memo to a valuable colleague, or sending a newsletter to a million subscribers, you need communication that works.

Oftentimes you already know precisely what you wish to communicate. You know you need Bob in marketing to agree to your business plan, but communicating your idea in the right way (and getting Bob to agree with you) is not so easy.

That’s where an effective copywriter or copyeditor can help.

By having your letters, memos, and other materials professional written (or professionally edited) you can rest assured that you’re communicating the right message in the right way.

Copywriters and copyeditors do more than simply correcting your grammar. We know what to say and what not to say. We know which strings to pull to get people to agree to your ideas.


  1. Gain big-time attention

Too often in business and in life we have a good point to make but we’re not sure how to make it.

In business, you might have the best product your niche ha ever seen, a marvel of innovation that will change your customer’s lives. But all of that is worth nought if you cannot gain people’s interests in the first place.

Professional copywriters like myself know how to immediately gain the right kind of attention, so that all eyes are locked on you, your company, and your product.

If you’ve produced a great product but don’t know how to get noticed, it’s time to bring a freelance copywriter onboard.


  1. Boost traffic to your blog

Professional writers know how to create online copy that earns traffic.

Certain types of writing are favored by Google and other search engines. Backlinks, for instance, are vital (read my guide to building natural backlinks for more on this).

By using the services of a professional SEO copywriter, you will substantially increase traffic to your blog.

I recently edited a blog post on TheDailyMeditation and increased traffic to the page by 30%. And all it took was some clever editing.

If you already have a blog with good content but little traffic, hire a SEO copyeditor to boost your organic traffic. Alternatively, get your content written by a freelance copywriter in the first place. Remember, your traffic is out there just waiting to come visit your blog.


  1. A freelance copywriter / editor will help you to control your professional image

Copywriters and editors are here for more than just products. With the help of a professional editor you will produce business letters, memos, and other written material that makes people take notice.

A freelance editor can do wonders for your confidence, too.

Think about the last time you sent a letter that truly mattered. You knew you needed to communicate the perfect message. And so you read that letter over and over again, desperately trying to weed-out any minor errors in grammar.

Imagine how much easier it would be to simply hire an editor to proofread your work. You could sit pretty, knowing that your writing will end-up perfect, knowing that the words in that letter were communicating the best of you. Don’t be surprised if your professional reputation goes through the roof when you work with a professional copyeditor.


  1. A freelance copywriter can make the media notice you

You know that the media is a gateway to massive sales.

By getting the big publishers and websites to mention your brand or product, you can double your profit overnight.

Unfortunately, the big blogs, magazines, and papers are swamped by a whole slew of businesses wanting coverage.

How do you make your business stand-out? Sure, you know you need press releases, but the truth is that mediocre writers simply don’t know how to write a press release that pops.

The key is knowing how to communicate with the media.

As a professional journalist with 10 years experience I’ve got the insider knowledge you need to make the media notice you. That’s just another reason why an experienced writer can do so much for you.


  1. A freelance writer can tell your story in a compelling way

You know why your company matters. You were there are the beginning, when your product was just an idea in your mind’s eye. You have seen that idea grow as the office expanded. You’ve lived the life of your company.

Too bad your customers have not.

Customers favor the brands and products they feel personally attached to. And the number one way of gaining that favor is by telling your story.

A professional copywriter will tell the story of your brand in a way that truly resonates with your customers. Through your unique brand story, you will earn your customer’s hearts, and they will buy in to you big time.


  1. A freelance copyeditor / proofreader will polish your own writing and express your own voice

Many creative-types often tell me how they love writing but just need a little help.

One of the best things about good copywriters and copyeditors is that they are willing to work with you on your own work. They will help you to find your voice and to communicate your own personality.

If you’ve written a book or other piece of creative writing, ask a proofreader or copyeditor to take a look. They will respect your unique voice while helping to steer you in the right direction.


  1. Freelancers offer a fresh perspective

Here’s a point many people miss: A good copywriter or editor will see your brand and your product from a fresh perspective.

Oftentimes, your writing is actually very good. But you’re so close to the product and the company that even though you have the skills you just can’t seem to get the right perspective.

A fresh perspective can pay dividends.

By hiring a freelance copywriter or editor, you are bringing someone new onboard. That person will see things in a new light. They will bring fresh ideas to the table. And those fresh ideas are often the little push that helps to get things moving in a new direction.


  1. Freelance copywriters speak the language that matters

The number one benefit of a professional copywriter or editor is that they know how to speak the language of your intended audience.

Different audiences speak in different ways. CEOs speak business. Customers speak benefits. Google speaks SEO.

Good copywriters know how to translate your message into the right language for your intended audience. Once you get talking the same language, you start making profitable relationships.


These are ten of the most valuable benefits copywriters offer.

Your copy is your direct conversation with your consumers. Make sure you’re communicating in the right way.



These guys seriously wish they’d hired a copyeditor

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hilarious spelling mistake on sign

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Ccopuwriting mistake on advertising

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McDonald sign spelling mistake

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Copywriting mistake on road

Some spellng mistakes have legal implications. Had a driver been hurt they could have sued because technically there was no warning of an upcoming BUMP.

Spelling is hard

Spelling is surprisingly hard for some people. That’s why copyeditors are such useful people to know.

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This grammatical mistake is precisely the sort of mistake many people make. What on Earth is a “Free Fee”?

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