Expert Content Producer & Editor

With my expertise I will conceptualise, produce, write and market the content your business needs for success.

Content Strategy

Highly experienced content strategist with the ideas to help your blog take-off.

Writing & Editing

Brands, corporations and publications have trusted me for years to write and edit their content.

Content Marketing

Watch your brand take-off on social media and your traffic increase with my content marketing expertise.

Your Local Hamilton Business Writer & Marketer

You’re looking for an editor, writer and content producer who can create marketing copy for your business blog. And you want someone nearby, someone local.

You’re busy, focusing on your day to day business concerns. You have neither the time nor the inclination to carry out all your writing, editing, and content-production in-house. You recognize the value of a freelance copywriter and editor, someone who can meet all your marketing and writing needs, someone with no salary, no benefits to provide, someone who produces what you require when you require it.

That’s where I come in.

A Hamilton-based copywriter and editor with ten years’ experience in professional writing, I have the knowledge and talent to deliver the effective copywriting and editorial services you require.

Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area have trusted my editorial and writing expertise everywhere from Hamilton to Burlington, to Ancaster and beyond. And I can help your business too.

Whether you’re looking for a writer, editor or proofreader for your business, blog, book, novel, or that speech you have to deliver next week, contact me. Or if you’re nearby, in Rosedale, Stoney Creek, Westdale… let’s arrange a meeting in person. I’m always happy to meet my clients.

With my services, you’ll receive the copy you need when you need it, on time, and done right.

Which of these business writing  / marketing services is of most value to you:

  • Compelling writing that engages your customers like never before.
  • Unique content and copy that communicates your brand personality.
  • SEO (search engine optimized) content that increases web traffic, builds organic links, and brings customers and clients to your business website.
  • Professional editing and proofreading to polish your writing—whether it’s proofreading your book or editing blog posts.
  • Advertising copy for Adwords / display advertising / direct mail / newsletters.
  • Content optimization, such as boosting CTR for organic traffic, or reducing bounce rates.
  • Social media marketing to grow your followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Content strategy and organisation


Or maybe you like to write business copy yourself and simply want a helping hand

Many of my clients enjoy writing.

“I would love to publish my own writing, but I need a little help,” they say.

If you have your own voice and you love to write, we can work together to polish your writing ready for publication.

With my expertise I have helped writers, business owners, and freelancers to find and express their own voices.

I can help you:

Services Available:

Business Writing Services:

Looking for compelling copywriting that converts?

With my proven skills in CRO (Conversion Optimization Strategy) you’ll get the best copy for your B2B, B2C, C2B, or C2C business. Whether you’re looking to communicate with other businesses or to communicate with your clients and customers, you’ll get the best copy to meet your needs.

Here are some of the ways I can help your business:

  • Blog editing
  • Blog writing
  • Marketing brochures
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Advertising Copy
  • Company slogans / taglines / naming
  • Business writing
  • Trade articles
  • Newsletters (external/internal)
  • High-profile proposals
  • Marketing consultation
  • Business letters
  • Internal communications
  • Press releases
  • Copywriting for the Web
  • Sales letters
  • E-mail writing

Services for Creatives:

You have your own voice. And you’re passionate about your work.

What you’re really looking for is an editor, copywriter, or proofreader who will help you communicate your unique personality.

Let’s work together to express your brand, your voice, and your talent.

I’ve worked with creatives ranging from game developers to bloggers to spiritual gurus to help them communicate their own voice.

Here are some of the services I provide for creatives

  • Speech writing
  • Book editing / proofreading
  • Blog content
  • Advertising / dialogue / copy for games
  • Novel development



Services for Unique Situations:

Sometimes, the copy you’re looking for just won’t squeeze into the regular categories. Sometimes you’re looking for something sui generis.

Here’s a list of writing services that might just meet your unique need.

      • Obituaries
      • Wedding speeches
      • Funeral speeches
      • Biographies


Want to learn more? This video reveals the top 10 benefits of hiring a freelance writer for business marketing

10 Massive Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

*Learn more about the benefits of freelancers here.

Copywriting & Marketing FAQs

Sometimes it can be difficult to put your finger on precisely what you need. The following F.A.Q answers many of the questions my clients ask me.

Q. Where can I get content for my blog

A. Let me tell you a secret: I recently had a client who assigned me a copyediting task. He wanted me to edit copy he had purchased.

When he gave me the writing I intuitively caught-whiff of something rotten. I researched the copy he had purchased. It turned out it had all been previously published and was taken from a “Swipe File”.

My client had been sold copy he did not have the legal right to publish. I pointed this out to him, preventing him from accidentally publishing plagiarized work.

That was the incorrect way of obtaining copy.

The right way to get copy is to ask a professional copywriter to produce it. That’d be me. As a professional blogger and copywriter, I will create the compelling copy you need to make your brand shine.



Q. I have a business blog but don’t know how to generate traffic for it. Any advice?

A. This is likely due to inadequate SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By producing high-quality SEO content for your blog, you will increase organic traffic. Contact me for more info.



Q. I have a business blog and am getting traffic, but my traffic is not converting. Help?

A. The problem is likely caused by an insufficient CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy or content that is SEO optimized for the wrong keywords. To handle this, I would create high-quality unique content that incorporates compelling copywriting, generating a higher conversion rate.



Q. I’ve written an important business letter / speech / paper / essay / etc., but I don’t feel confident sending / publishing it. What should I do?

A. Hey, no sweat! This is a common issue. It can be nerve-wracking  sharing your work. You will feel much more confident after having your writing proofread and copyedited. I will be happy to edit your copy so you can rest assured that your English is perfect and that you’re communicating the right message.


Q. How can I create effective ads for my brilliant product / service?

A. Isn’t it funny how often the products that generate the most sales are not the best ones, but rather the ones with the best advertising? The ideal situation is when a great product meets great advertising. That’s why copy is so important. Great copy gets your product noticed.
Whether you’re looking for advertising materials for Google Adwords (or other online display advertising), direct mail campaigns, or advertorials to be published online or in magazines, you need good copy. For that, you need a great copywriter—get in touch!


Q. I’ve written a book / novel and it’s great. Can you check my writing?

A. Yes, most definitely. Too many great novels and books go unpublished because of minor errors in writing—as though the quality of a novel were based on the technicalities of grammatical construction. In the words of Shakespeare, “Fie on’t! ah, fie!” Let’s edit your book so you can get the agent or publicist you deserve.



Q. I am literally shaking in my boots because I have to give a speech and I’m worried about the writing.

A. I remember when I gave the speech at my father’s funeral—an emotional occasion. Before the funeral I was worried my nerves might get the better of me. But because I had the right words, I was confident. That’s what words give a speaker: the confidence that their speech will work. It’s about good writing. It’s about knowing that your speech will come over well. As a speaker, you probably have a great voice and unique personality already, but you might just like to have your speech edited or proofread so you can rest assured that it is perfect. I can help.


Q. How do I find a writer who is actually knowledgeable about my niche?

A. Ah. This is perhaps the question I hear more often than any other. Where do you find a writer knowledgeable about your niche?

Sometimes this is easy. There are specialist writers for most big industries.

But what about when your company is a little different? What about those times when it seems no one understands your company except you?

Let me tell you about the time I wrote a feature article for one of the biggest potato-magazines in the world, “Spudman”.

The only thing I knew about potatoes was how to cook them—mashed, roasted, or fried. But I researched extensively and learned everything there was to know about a specific breed of potato (“Carisma”). With that knowledge, I wrote an in-depth feature article for a magazine that is read by potato farmers around North America. Those farmers, who are the authority on a subject I knew so little about, ended up loving my article.

Trust me, when it seems no one understands your brand or product, I will.  I have a wealth of experience in adapting my skills to my client’s needs. And I can do the same for you.


Q. Hmmmm… I still have a question
A. That’s what I’m here for, to help answer your questions. Get in contact and let’s chat.



I’m grateful to have worked with the following brands and companies:
copywriting clients

Samples of my work

Naturally you would like to view some samples of my writing before we start working together. I’m one of those rare copywriters who is always happy to show my writing.

Take a peak at my writing samples here.

About Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a business writer and marketer with more than 10 years experience. A passionate word- slinger, Paul brings his creativity and enthusiasm to every project he is part of. His writing has been published in magazines around the world, and he has been read by more than 1 million people.

He is also a highly qualified online marketer. He’s Adwords certified for online advertising; Hubspot certified for Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing; and SEO certified by SEMRush.

As a copywriter, Paul has helped businesses to skyrocket their conversion rates, increase sign-ups, and boost their bottom-line. As a creative writer and editor, he has helped creative individuals to complete, polish, and market events, books, games and more.

Get in touch with Paul today, and let’s produce the copy that will make your product and brand shine.






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