December 13, 2015

Samples of Published Articles And Content

My work has appeared in many leading publications and has been read by over 1 million people.

Below you can find a selection of my many published articles, press releases, advertising copy, SEO landing pages, web content and more. Further samples are available via PaulMHarrison[at]hotmail[dot]com.


Newsletter Sample:

The Daily Meditation required a newsletter that would generate traffic for the website and also produce product sales. I delivered a compelling newsletter that let to an increase in traffic to the front page of the site, leading to increased exposure and sales. To see the newsletter I produced, click here.

Article Samples:

Whenever you require an article that will grip readers and compel them to take action (whether that action be to purchase the publication or purchase a product) you can rely on my expertise. Below are samples of articles written for leading publications around the world.

An in-depth profile of Superior Software for GamesTM.

Interviews and article with Capcom for PLAY magazine.

Interview and Article about America’s Army for Imagine Publishing.

Book review for the publishing section of Death Ray Magazine

Web Copy and SEO Samples:

With a degree in Interactive Entertainment and eight years professional blogging experience, you can trust my expertise for all your online copywriting needs. Feel free to view the following samples:

SEO Landing Page for

Social Media Marketing for The Daily Meditation
Advertising Copy For Non-Fiction Book 

The Best HDDs By Price Point


Interview Samples:

When you requires interviews, whether internal or external, it’s imperative that your company or organisation creates the right impression on both the interviewee and the reader. With more than ten years experience interviewing individuals ranging from politicians to CEOs to creative to customers, you can trust my interviewing skills to both give your company the right image and the produce the in-depth and insightful answers your publication needs.
Here are some samples of my past interviews.

Interview with Don Foster, Foster (Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Government of the United Kindgom)

Interview with CEO Richard Hanson for Imagine Publishing

Direct Marketing Sample

Need compelling direct marketing that people will actually read [yes, it can happen]. I’ll craft the direct marketing copy that will beat your

Feel free to view the sample below.

Direct Mail Newsletter Sample For Sun Family Mortgage