Samples of Published Articles And Content

My work has appeared in many leading publications and has been read by over 1 million people.

Below you can find a selection of my many published articles, advertising copy, SEO landing pages, web content and more. Further samples are available via PaulH[AT]PMHarrison[DOT]com

Newsletter Sample:

Sample newsletter on creating a Google My Business page. VIEW HERE


Sample newsletter for THE DAILY MEDITATION

The Daily Meditation required a newsletter that would generate traffic for the website and increase product sales. I delivered a compelling newsletter that led to an increase in traffic to the front page of the site, leading to increased exposure and increased sales. To see the newsletter I produced, click here.



Article Samples:

Whenever you require an article that will grip readers and compel them to take action you can rely on my expertise. Below are samples of articles written for leading publications around the world.

An in-depth profile of Superior Software for GamesTM.

Profile Article On EarthFresh Farm’s Carisma Potato, For Spudman Magazine

Feature On Esports Company Millennial Esports For Edge Magazine

Interview and Article about America’s Army for Imagine Publishing [LINK IS EXTERNAL]



SEO Blog Post Samples:

Article on building backlinks published on NinjaOutreach [External Link]

Long-form article [pillar post] for The Daily Meditation



Sample Online Ads (Adwords / Facebook):

When it comes to generating clicks on your ads, copywriting is key. With the right message, delivered in the right way, you can truly make Facebook ads, Adwords, and other online advertisements work for your business.

Click here to view my sample ads [PDF].



Landing Page Sample:

Landing pages are standalone web-pages designed to generate leads.

The benefit of the sign-up page for your business is that it makes it easy for your potential customers to sign-up to your email newsletter or to contact your business so you can open a communications channel.

View my sample landing page here. 

SEO Landing Page for



Welcome e-Mail Sample:

The welcoming email is arguably the most important email you will ever send to your customers and clients, because it sets the tone for all further email communication.

Writing a successful welcome email is like poetry: It requires purpose, efficiency, and effective communication with minimal words.

Take a look at these samples of welcome e-mails:

Welcome email for online marketing with Build A Brand 

Welcome Email Sample for THE DAILY MEDITATION. This welcome email uses dynamically generated content to include the recipients name, for that personal touch.




Interview Samples:

When you require interviews, whether internal or external, it’s imperative that your company or organisation creates the right impression for both the interviewee and the reader. With more than ten years’ experience interviewing individuals ranging from politicians to CEOs to creatives to customers, you can trust my interviewing skills to  give your company the right image and to produce the in-depth and insightful answers your publication needs.

Here are some samples of my past interviews.

Interview with Don Foster (Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Government of the United Kindgom)

Interview with Superior Software CEO Richard Hanson for Imagine Publishing




Press Release Sample

Press release sample for a book release.




Direct Marketing Sample

Need compelling direct marketing that drives conversions? Take a look at these samples:

Direct Mail Newsletter Sample For Sun Family Mortgage

Direct marketing campaign for hotel

Ad For Real Estate (property listing)  

Postcard for Real Estate 

Direct marketing campaign for charity




Sample Infographics

Infographics are a beautiful way of delivering information to your customers. They’re also excellent for generating backlinks.

Sample   1        3




Social media content

Lifestyle article for TinyBuddha [External LinkThis lifestyle article generated over 3.1K shares on social media.

Lifestyle article for DoYouYoga [External Link]  This blog post achieved over 800 shares on social media.

Social Media Marketing for The Daily Meditation




The following is a selection of other articles, reviews, and content for glossy magazines.

Live Long And Prosper: On The Evolution Of Franchises  

Bloody Fantastic Reality — Gaming Feature Article Published in PLAY-Gamer Magazine 

Cybeles secret book review — Published in Death Ray Magazine

Gotta Catch Em All — Feature Article Published in GamesTM Magazine

Kinect Four by Paul Harrison — Feature Article Published in X-360

Mind Body Interface, Kinect And You — Featured Article published in 360Gamer

Mushi-shi Anime Review Published in Death Ray Magazine

StarDust — movie review published in Death Ray Magazine