How You Can Make Social Media Work For Your Blog, Regardless Of Theme

You can intentionally create your article in such a way that it will make the reader look good when they share it with their friends.

For instance. Consider the difference between these two article headlines:

  • What you need from people when you’re suffering from depression.
  • How to help someone you love with depression.

These two articles can cover pretty much the exact same ground. But one of them will receive tons of shares and the other won’t receive any.

Of course the one that will get the shares is headline 2. And the reason is because it makes the reader look good.

In headline 2 the reader is the healthy person who is helping someone they love because they’re a nice and compassionate person. In the back of this individuals mind they’re aware of the fact that they’d quite like it if their friends saw them as that caring and compassionate person, so they’ll gladly share your article.

In headline 1 they’re someone suffering from depression. That’s not something you want to broadcast to everyone you know.

Which would you be more likely to share? Headline 2, right?

What really matters here is what the article says about the reader.

When you’re asking somebody to share your articles, you need to know: 1) Who they’re going to share the article with, and 2) what it says about them.

When you bear these two things in mind you’re far more likely to receive lots of shares. Because ultimately, people want to share articles that make them look good.

When you include social media into the mix, you make the reader part of the publication team. You wouldn’t write an article that makes you look bad. Don’t ask readers to share an article that makes them look bad.

For instance:

If you’re writing about health, don’t say “10 Ways to Lose Weight” say “10 Ways To Stay Slim”

If you’re writing about (my old favourite) video games, don’t say “How to stop being addicted to games” say “How I made gaming a healthy part of a social lifestyle”

If you’re writing this very article, don’t say “Why your blog is failing to get shares” say “How You Can Make Social Media Work For Your Blog, Regardless Of Theme”.


Positivity. Positivity. Positivity.

Make every single part of your blog positive and you’ll receive far more followers and shares, because not only will you be saying something positive about yourself, but you’ll be saying something positive about your reader too.

BUT, importantly, you will not receive more clicks from Google by being positive. More on that in an upcoming article. Be sure to LIKE me on Facebook and Twitter to catch the next article.