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As Hamilton Ontario’s expert online marketer, a large part of my work is writing guest posts for businesses.

If you’re a business owner in Hamilton ON (or anywhere, for that matter) there are so many reasons why you should take advantage of guest posting. Businesses that do end up getting much more exposure, increasing traffic to their business website, and generating leads—ultimately increasing conversions and raising the bottom line.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dentist, a real estate agent, a lawyer, or an accountant, your business can benefit from guest posting. And in this tutorial, I’ll show you how.

Guest posting improves traffic to business websites

Guest posting simply means creating content to publish on other people’s blogs.

The ultimate purpose of guest posting is to increase traffic to business websites.

If you run a successfully business, you probably already have a website. There are hundreds of business websites in Hamilton Ontario (where I write this from) and millions around the world. But most of those business websites don’t get enough traffic.

There are many ways to increase traffic to business websites:

  • Write SEO blog posts about your services
  • Use social media marketing
  • Use influencer marketing
  • Earn referrals from other websites
  • Good old-fashioned word of mouth

The benefit of guest posting for business websites is that it hits all those points.

  • Business guest posts are usually shared on the recipient blog’s social media pages—

A great thing for social media marketing

  • Business guest posts earns backlinks from the recipient publication and from other blogs that share the post—this boosts your business website’s SEO.
  • Business guest posts put your article on the influencer’s website-excellent for influencer marketing.
  • Business guest posts get you direct referrals from the other website—this directly increases traffic to the business’ website.
  • Readers talk about the guest post—and yes, word of mouth marketing is still relevant.

Therefore, if you want to improve traffic for your business website, guest posting is an excellent option.

Let’s take a look at how to get the perfect guest posts to increase your business website’s traffic.

7 Steps To Getting Perfect Guest Posts For Business Websites

1. Find the best guest posting opportunity for your blog

The foundation of a successful guest post for businesses is to choose the right publication.

One way to do this is to go local.

If your business attracts a local audience, it only makes sense to guest post on local websites. All big cities have large-to-huge publications. For instance, for business guest postings in Hamilton On and Toronto could target the websites of other local businesses (after checking that they actually have a readership worth targeting).

Another option is to target national blogs for your niche. For instance, I once wrote an article for the largest potato farmers magazine in North America. Now that’s an incredibly tight niche, right? But there’s probably no better place a potato farmer could market their business.

Here are the main points to check:

  • Guest post on a publication that’s relevant to your niche
  • Guest post on a publication with a similar demographic to your (use Quantcast to check the demographics of the blog you’re posting on).
  • Ignore total readership numbers. It doesn’t matter if the blog has a million readers if only one of them would possibly be interested in your business. What matters is the number of people who will actually read your article and who are actually interested in your business.
  • Read their other guest posts. Do they produce a ton of spammy content? If so they probably don’t get many readers per article.
  • Check their social media pages. Their total number of followers is irrelevant. What matters is their engagement rate. Are their posts generating interactions? If not, move on.


2. How to choose the perfect topic for your business guest post

In step 1 we chose the best guest posting opportunities for the business. Now we need to decide what we are going to write about.

Obviously, you’re writing loosely about your business. But (to quote every editor’s favorite phrase): what’s your angle? (here’s a great article on finding the right angle)

You want to tell your story from an angle that is unique.

Let me illustrate with the most boring topic ever: wallpaper.

Let’s say you want to use guest posting to generate traffic to a website the business of which is selling wallpaper. You need a good angle… on wallpaper… oh my Dickens, how is that possible?

Well, okay, how about we tell a story about an old lady who decided to get custom wallpaper designed to tell the story of her life? Oh wow, good angle. Now suddenly that wallpaper story looks like it might be interesting.

A professional writer (such as myself) will be able to find a good angle on any business guest post topic.

Another key is to match your business guest post to the blog it’s being published on.

Let’s say we are doing a business guest post for custom wallpaper but it’s on a blog for people who own environmentally friendly homes. To get a response from this blog’s audience you’re going to want to write a business guest post about how your company does more than the competition to save the trees from which your wallpaper comes. Nice. Those readers will dig this.

Let’s recap.

3. How to choose a topic for guest posts:

  • Choose and analyse the blog you’re posting on
  • Write down a list of the main concerns and interests of the blog’s readers
  • Write down how your company matches the interests and concerns of the blog’s readership
  • Find the one story about your business that most expresses the interests and concerns of those readers (you might want to dig through your company history to find this)
  • Choose an article and angle that those readers will care about
  • Check to see whether the blog has already covered your story or something very similar.
  • When you write the guest post, hammer home how your business meets the needs and interests of that blog’s readers.
  • Hey presto! The readers of that other blog now love your business!


how to choose a topic for guest posts

Now we’ve got our target publication and our guest post topic, time to get writing.


4. How to pitch a blog editor

Some blogs that accept guest posts will accept pitches, but most will only accept full submissions. That’s right: You must write the guest post before you submit it. The blog’s writer’s guidelines will state whether you should send the full submission or a pitch. If they accept guest post pitches, send one. That way you will know if the editor is interested before you go to the effort actually writing a guest post.

Here’s how to pitch a blog editor (read XOJane’s guide for more on this):

  1. Address the guest post editor by name and job title and include the publication name
  2. Don’t tell them you read their blog every day. They know it’s probably bullshit and they will dislike you for it. Everyone does this. It’s never a good idea.
  3. On the second line state what your story is about and why it matters. Keep it short and get to the point immediately.
  4. Make sure you include the hook in the pitch. The editor needs to care about your story within 30 seconds of looking at your pitch, else it’s curtains.
  5. Invite the editor to give you feedback and to share their ideas on the story


how to pitch a blog editor


5. How to write a guest post for businesses

We’ve now chosen our target publication and we’ve chosen the perfect topic. Finally It’s time actually write the guest post.

Here’s how to write guest posts for businesses:

  1. Read my tutorial on the rules of effective writing
  2. Read the recipient website’s guidelines and previous posts to get a feel for them and their tone of voice
  3. Sketch out your topic
  4. Research facts to include in the article
  5. Write a rough draft (the key is to just write it even if it’s bad to begin with—99% of good writing is good editing)
  6. Do not make it overly advertorial or self-serving unless you like really fast rejections.
  7. Edit it (here are the most important ways to revise and edit)
  8. Edit the headline (it must be perfect)
  9. Send it to the editor of the recipient blog


6. What to do after your business guest post is published

Hurray! They’ve published your business blog post. The work doesn’t end here though. Now it’s time to engage with the blog’s readers.

Remember: The main purpose of this guest post is to get people interested in your business. The best way to do that is to engage with them directly.

Make sure you engage with readers in these way:

  • Be present in the social media channels and respond to messages without dominating the chat
  • Respond to blog post comments in the same way
  • Make sure you’re always positive in your messages
  • Make sure your messages represent your company and the brand persona of the publishing blog.



7. Analyse guest posts via Google Analytics

Sometimes you’ll submit an amazing blog post and generate leads in droves. Other times your guest post will slowly die in a ghost town where no one sees it.

It happens; especially if you don’t do your research before writing the guest post.

If your business guest post doesn’t generate traffic for your business website, don’t sweat it, just make a note of it.

The key is analysing your date. To do that, you will want to look at your Google Analytics report to see how successfully your blog post increased traffic to the business blog and how that traffic converted.

By analyzing your data, you can determine which publications are helping you out and which are a waste of time. That way you will know which blogs to submit guest posts to.


And that’s how you use blog guest posts to increase traffic to business websites

Submitting blog guest posts improves traffic to business websites and increases leads and conversions.

For the best results it is best to hire a professional writer.

As a professional writer in Hamilton Ontario, writing guest posts is something I excel in. I’m highly experienced in writing guest posts to increase business website traffic.

If you would like to increase traffic to your business website, get in contact with me today via this site’s menu at the top of the page.



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