Social Media Marketing Sample for The Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation required ongoing social media marketing to drive traffic to the website and to market products. I researched the blog’s demographics and used analytical software to determine the best course of action. This led to me creating a series of social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ . Through my social media Read more about Social Media Marketing Sample for The Daily Meditation[…]

Magazine Article Sample For GamesTM

The following is a sample of a magazine article published by Imagine Publishing, a world lead in multimedia publishing, for GamesTM, their flagship publication for the gaming industry. TITLE COPY:   How £100 kick-started one of the greatest BBC Micro and Acorn Electron publishers of all time.   BODY COPY: The 1980s is held in reverence as Read more about Magazine Article Sample For GamesTM[…]

Sample Advertising Copy For Nonfiction Book

The following is advertising copy used on sales pages for a nonfiction book about body language. The copy has been optimised to maximise web traffic, thereby increasing sales.      TITLE:  The Body Language Guide Book: Learn how to read and use body language for dating, business, and social life   BODY COPY:      Read more about Sample Advertising Copy For Nonfiction Book[…]