12 New Genius Ways To Make People Click Your Headlines

  1. Mention the demographic: If your article is appealing to a limited demographic, mention that demographic in your title.
  2. Alongside this site I run a popular site about meditation. Some of my reasons are experienced meditators, some beginners. It’s important that I mention which demographic I’m writing for so that those people know to click. Hence, “Beginners Guide To Meditating” is much better than a generic “Guide To Meditating”.
  3. Hit them with some dopamine: Dopamine is the brain’s happy drug. You get a release of dopamine when you engage in an enjoyable activity. But you also get a release of dopamine when you read about something pleasurable.

If, for instance, I mention a cold refreshing beer and a full rack of ribs, you’ll get a release of dopamine. You’ll then follow the dopamine trail, in search of more dopamine.

The easy way to take advantage of this psychology isto put one highly pleasurable word in the title. For instance “Money” or “Sex” or “Food”. References to these pleasurable experiences will lead your readers to click through your headlines in search of more dopamine.


  1. NEW: This point speaks for itself. People like new stuff. Simple. Ironically this point is nothing new.
  2. You: Who me? People are more inclined to respond when you speak to them in second person. If you happen to know their name and are able to drop that in your headline they’ll respond even quicker. Obviously, such things aren’t possible in the Google SERPS (though they are possible in email, where this strategy is used to good effect).