12 New Genius Ways To Make People Click Your Headlines

4 Use A Fabulous Adjective: Why did I make the title of this post “20 Genius Ways To Make People Click Your Headlines”? Why the “genius” bit?

In my experience, you want to use one really great adjective in your title.

I researched thousands of headlines to determine what works best, and that research shows that putting just 1 (not 2 or 3 but 1) adjective in the headline makes the headline a lot more effective.

I went for “Genius” because it’s a slightly less common word (than, say, “great” or “powerful”) and it also implies something positive. It implies that geniuses would use these technique. These are minor points, but in a list of 6-10 word long titles, they can make a big difference.


5 Now: People know that they have all the time in the world to read whatever article they want to read. They could easily repeat their Google search and click through every article one by one. They can be carefree.

You want to stop that, immediately. You want to crate an article that demands to be clicked.

When you create a headline, make it seem as though the person has to read the article right this very second. This will lead them to think “Oh, okay, I better read this one first. I can go back and read the rest later”.

Put a sense of urgency in your headlines and readers will choose you first.