12 New Genius Ways To Make People Click Your Headlines

Do your blog titles zing. To they pack a punch? Do people want to click on your headlines the moment they read them?

Having clickable headlines is one of the most important aspects of writing, whether you’re writing for a magazine, newspaper, or blog. Online, you need your headlines yo be highly clickable so the monent someone reads them they click on them.

Diverting traffic from Google, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus to your blog is simple once you get your titles right. i

Here are 12 genius ways to make people click your headlines.

1 Keywords are a psychological thing: We all know that we need some keywords in our headlines for SEO purposes. But more important than search engines are readers. Your reader has a keyword in their mind. They know what they’re looking for and they want to see that keyword in the title.

For instance, if you’re looking for ways to make people click your headlines, then you’ll click on titles that have those words Precisely. You’ll ignore the titles that read “Make your blog posts clickable” and “write catchy headlines” and click on the title that best expresses precisely what it is you’re trying to achieve.

So, express precisely what it is your readers want to know.

You probably noticed when you came to this article that other Google headlines read (for instance) “Guide to creating great titles” or “how to write a good headline”. Those are okay titles. You do want to write good headlines. But what you really want is for people to click those headlines. That’s why I went with the title “20 Genius ways to make people click your headlines”. It expresses, perfectly and precisely what the reader wants.

2 Numbers:

Have you ever noticed how your eyes are naturally more drawn to the numbers in articles than to the words?

Some people believe you’re drawn to numbers because they make you think you’re going to get more of something. 10 Reasons Why blah blah… is more than 1 Reasons why blah blah…

For my money that really isn’t the reason at all.

The real reason why we’re all drawn to numbers is simple: Contrast. In a list of titles where everything is words, numbers stand out more. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the odd one out, so you’re more likely to click on the title just by contrast.

So, tthis naturally leads us to the next point…


3 Contrast: Make your articles stand out from the pack. You can do this by stating a different opinion e.g. “Oxygen is really bad for you” or by using symbols *!() or by using numbers. But make sure your headlines stick out from the pack.